Children, Nature and Us

2-day Conference for Parents
April 21-22, 2007
in Fair Oaks, California

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In response to the recognition that many children today are suffering from nature deficit disorder, there is a growing movement to reconnect both children and adults with nature. Two of our keynote speakers, Betty Peck and Joseph Cornell, have been pioneers leaders in this area, long before it gained popular recognition. They will be joined by Cynthia Hoven, Eurythmist and popular presenter on Anthroposphy, who will be sharing insights from Rudolf Steiner's Calendar of the Soul, ways in which he understood the Earth as a living being, and how the seasons and celebration of the festivals cross culturally reflect the "breathing" of the earth and profoundly affect our emotional and spiritual life. And Suzanne Down, founder of Juniper Tree School of Story and Puppetry Arts, will inspire us with creative ways to bring children into reflective relationship with nature and the seasons. In addition, there will be three-dozen workshops on parenting, Waldorf education and home schooling. We hope you will join more than 250 other parents for a weekend of inspiration and renewal!

More about the keynote speakers:

Rahima Baldwin Dancy is a Waldorf early childhood specialist and parenting educator who has been producing these conferences for parents since 1982. Over the past four years she has been on a path of exploring the deep feminine as an answer to the question, Where do we find the nourishment and renewal for our care giving? In her keynote address she will bring together the strands of mothering, feminism and spirituality in an attempt to reweave the fabric of womens experience into a coherent whole (!)

Joseph Cornell is one of the most inspiring nature educators in the world today. His first book, Sharing Nature with Children, sparked a worldwide revolution in nature education and became a classic. His six Sharing Nature Books have been translated into 20 languages. In 1978, he founded Sharing Nature Worldwide, a popular and highly acclaimed nature awareness program. He is the honorary president of the Japan Nature Game Association, an organization of over 10,000 leaders who use and promote his nature education philosophy. A fifth-generation Californian, he and his wife are residents of Ananda Village, an intentional community in Nevada City. See

Suzanne Down has been a favorite presenter at past Waldorf conferences and is known throughout North America as a master storyteller and founder of Juniper Tree School of Puppetry and Arts, now based in Vancouver, BC. Suzanne presents workshops as well as extensive training programs and has produced several books of seasonal tales and puppetry kits. She is currently working on Lifting the Veil. The Renewal of Puppetry Arts. She is also active with Puppets for World Change, the Hope Puppet Project, and Puppets Against Hunger Project. Her numerous books and puppetry kits can be found online at

Betty Peck brings over 50 years exper-ience as a kindergarten teacher and educational consultant to her work with parents and teachers. She will be sharing an inspiring slide presentation of the magical garden that formed the basis for her work with young children. She was also founder of the Saratoga Community Garden, an educational organic garden for school children. Betty is the author of Kindergarten Education. Freeing Childrens Creative Potential (Hawthorn Press). Betty will be joined by a panel sharing other innovative ways to bring nature to children at home and at school.

Cynthia Hoven has taught Eurythmy and given courses on Anthroposophy for over 25 years. She directs the four-year, full-time training in Eurythmy at Rudolf Steiner College and has been a favorite workshop presenter at past conferences.

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